History Of Pamir Cola Industrial Company

Pamir Cola Co. in year 1383 after obtaining a law license and registration in the Commercial Court and taking the Ministry of Public Health certificate with the aim of self-sufficiency in the production of non-alcoholic drinks in the country and By entering the equipment and technical knowledge-European countries in an area of 10,000 square meters of industrial estate Herat province started its activity.
In the year 1384 in addition the production of soft drinks, mineral water also new production lines has been set up and post-production to the market.
In this regard and in the direction of sustainable entrepreneurship in this sector in the years 1385 to 1390 the company plans to build new production units since the beginning of year 1383 had put on their agenda
In this project, new product development strategy in an area of 20,000 square meters of manufacturing units (all kinds of Doypack and bottles juice in different sizes, carbonated juices in bottles, energy drinks, natural lemon juice, a variety of Mango fresh juice, different kinds of cookies and cakes)
In several different flavors and packaging, build and was added to the production of the company
This company is equipped with the most advanced laboratory facilities for testing of raw materials, built product and the final product that guarantees packages health and produced this particular features of the production of this series. Within a few years the company was successfully increased its productions up to 40 items food, drinks in the country and it is the only company that was able within a few years could have such growth.

Some Of Pamir Cola Products Brand