Our planet, future generations, and people matter.

We work hard to build a better future for our next generation. We care about everything. We do our best to make a difference in peopl`s lives and planet.
We work hard to ensure our strong and continuous contribution towards sustainability. We are determined to take proper steps forward and arrange our business activities to have effective outcomes on poverty eradication, gender equality, clean water and sanitation, decent work and economic growth, industry, innovation, and infrastructure.
Having sustainability as a core feature of our mandate, our products, initiatives, projects as well as our work with the stakeholders, clients, and civil society, are all focused on building capacity, innovation, growth, and safeguarding for the future.

70% of the world`s freshwater use in agriculture alone.

Only 14% of plastic packaging is recycled for future use.

1/3 of greenhouse gas emissions originate in the food system

It is our turn to make a difference.

At Pamir Cola, we believe that there is still an opportunity to bring positive changes to the earth. We should change the ways of productions, distribution, consumption, and disposal of foods and beverages to tackle all obstacles we face.
We aim to use our expertise, sources, and scale to help build a more sustainable food system. one that can meet human needs for nutrition and enjoyment, and continue to bring economic and social development, without exceeding the natural boundaries of the planet.
As well as being good for our business, working to realize this purpose is also the right thing to do. Where our food system may be operating in an unsustainable way, it can create a supply chain, operational, and financial risks for our company. By contrast, addressing risks within our value chain and the wider food system effectively can create new opportunities for competitive advantage and future market growth, while also supporting the communities in which we operate.


The past few months have been among the most challenging in recent memory. COVID-19 has profoundly transformed how we work, parent, shop, learn, and socialize. It has caused unfathomable grief and taxed our social infrastructure like nothing before, revealing hidden societal pain points, reopening old wounds, and creating fresh ones.